I had no idea I had the possibility of making it my career as I documented my friends skateboarding on my mother's 35mm point and shoot when I was 13. My art teacher in high school led me to an intense BFA program at Lesley where I dedicated more time to the darkroom than I did to sleep. Alongside fine art projects, I took it upon myself to start freelancing, and shot my first wedding at 20. I learned from experimenting, and I learned to never stop experimenting. 

I am a photojournalist at heart. I love documenting true emotions above anything. This is why I get up in the morning.

My free time is spent mountain biking, running, or cooking at home with my partner, Hannah

For booking and pricing inquiries, kindly get in touch with me here:
508 409 9566 (9-5, M-F)

I also have a website for non-wedding work!

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