C. McIntosh Weddings

I'm an artist inspired by the mountains and the ocean, but glued to the city. My goals are to create eye-catching images and provide a calm, supportive atmosphere amongst even the most stressful moments. I pride myself in capturing genuine, unburdened moments and telling your story from start to finish. If you appreciate the beauty of documentary photography and your wedding is a genuine expression of self, we're bound to make amazing work together!

my name is Chris and this portfolio is a decade in the making. I began my career in art school while earning my BFA in photography. Working with film, I learned fast how to shoot thoughtfully, skillfully, and with efficiency. 

I love my hometown of Boston, but I never pass up opportunity to adventure. I've found myself at work deep in the mountains of Vermont, New York, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. 

think we'd resonate? leave a note, and I'll connect with you soon!

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